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Smaranda Schaechtele 

Febrary 24, 2013

I find the The Scarab Murder Case cover terrific!

Smaranda Schaechtele
Fashion Designer
Designstudio, Dusseldorf, Germany

The Scarab Murder Case: A Philo Vance Mystery
(Scribner crime classics)
Art and design Copyright Jerry McDaniel 1984
Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, USA, 1984. Soft cover.
Note: Artist used himself as a model on 6 of the 8 S. S. Van Dine covers he designed and illustrated.

Anita Grien 

Great to see your wonderful new work Jerry...along one familiar oldie... and great to talk after lo these many years...Anita Grien
Anita Grien was Jerry's Art Agent in New York for many years.


Knet Was here..
Greetings from Argentina .. bye

Marina Nicolaev 

Happy Birthday, Dear Jerry!
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

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Ion Lazu 


From the article written in Romanian:



Jerry’s Nightscapes catch one’s attention through their strong unique style. It seems like they take you to a privileged place where the colors get together to celebrate a high level state of spirit, filled with strength and exuberance. They are a detachment of the concrete object of the painting from everything that is immediate and conjunctural, to speak to you about the wonderful things of our existence.

                                                      Ion Lazu



Tablourile cu subiecte nocturne ale lui Jerry McDaniel … atrag atenţia printr-un stil pregnant, de neconfundat. Este de parcă într-un loc privilegiat culorile se adună laolaltă pentru a sărbători o stare de spirit elevată,  plină de forţă şi exuberanţă. Pare o desprindere de obiectul propriu-zis al unei picturi, de ceea ce este imediat şi conjunctural, spre a ni se vorbi despre lucrurile minunate ale existenţei. 

                                                      Ion Lazu





We (had the opportunity) to see him (JWMcD) working, surrounded by his cardboards, brushes and colors, on the terrace of the Encino Villa, with the transistor radio fixed to a station that continuously plays jazz. We also saw him among people, in society, in the street, at tennis, among the Sequoia gigantea… Anywhere and everywhere he is without doubt always: The Artist. His non-ostentatious presence makes an impression difficult to explain. Nothing false, nothing pretentious or shocking, to the contrary, without him being in the offensive, he imposes himself through a difficult to describe way projecting a strong, meaningful, and non-equivocal feeling.


                                                              Ion Lazu


... l-am văzut la lucru, înconjurat de cartoanele, pensulele şi culorile sale, pe terasa vilei din Encino, California, cu radioul fixat pe un post ce transmite la nesfârşit jazz. Cum l-am văzut şi printre oameni, în societate, pe stradă, la tenis, printre arborii  Sequoia gigantea... Aici şi oriunde el este fără îndoială şi mereu: Artistul. O prestaţie neostentativă, care însă se impune, într-un mod imposibil de explicat. Nimic jucat, nimic acroşant sau şocant, dimpotrivă, fără ca omul să fie în ofensivă, el se impune prin ceva greu de definit dar totodată puternic, substanţial, fără echivoc.

                                                                Ion Lazu

vaughn s mcdaniel 


Jerry I am your first cousin,my dads name was Asa Sherman Mcdaniel my wifes is Desta Mcdaniel we have three children Randy,Tammy.Julie we have lived in florida for 45 years I knew your dad very well he was like a big brother to me my age is 80 love to hear from you,love your art my grand is also into art like you his name is Blair thomas mcdaniel his dad is randy mcdaniel

Gabriela Cocora 

Jerry's paintings are "pulling you by the sleeve", are "sticking to one's eyes". Their color warms the soul. The Parisian nightscapes are enchanting, and 'Nunus'Range' is "fantabulous".

Gabi Cocora
Journalist, Bucharest, Romania

Brenda Thompson-Wadsworth 

It has been too long since we last communicated and I wanted you to know that I still look at your beautiful art on this site periodically.  Each time I visit, I feel more drawn to your work and I find myself studying your art  and seeing different aspects of your most recent work each time I visit.  I must confess my lack of knowledge in art, so I hope it will suffice to say that "looking at your artwork makes me feel happy!"

Ioana Urma 


Hi, Jerry:

I just got the blurb book on the Salon Artis 2010 and would like to say that I really love the cover design.
Catalog of Exhibition Salon Artis 2010 with Jerry's cover design

I saw it in the invitation earlier, but I forgot to write.
I hope you had fun in Romania. Still would like to see your work sometime.




IOANA . illustration . architecture . art . shop
Ioana Urma, Artist, Architect


Ileana Costea 

Hello, Jerry:

Your invitation as a Guest of Honor at Salon ARTIS2010 in Romania as well as you designing the invitation and the cover of the catalog for them was a big success and resulted in several articles published on the Internet and in printed form. Here is the list of them with the addresses/links where they can be found on Internet.


There are several articles talking about Jerry W. McDaniel on Omigraphies,

2 in English and others  in Romanian


In English (you can also read them in Romanian):


Jerry W. McDaniel - An American Heterogenous Artist


An Interview of Jerry W McDaniel by Ileana Costea

Published on the online E-Zine Omnigraphies by Ileana Costea on 2010/9/22 (278 reads by December 7, 2010)


International Salon ARTIS 2010, 2nd Edition, Bucharest, Romania

A welcome dialog between architects and artists and among different generations of artists (also available in Romanian, see link below).




In Romanian:


International Salon ARTIS 2010, Bucuresti

Published on the online E-Zine Omnigraphies by Ileana Costea on 2010/10/4 (488 reads by December 7, 2010)


Dialog între arhitecţi şi artişti, şi între generaţia tânără şi maeştri consacraţi

Published by Icostea on 2010/10/11 (127 reads by December 7, 2010)


Doua poluri geografice opuse unite prin cultura si

arta: Romania si California

Arte intrepatrunzandu-se: poezie, muzica, aritectura, pictura, sculptura si dans

Articol scris de Ion Lazu, 8 Octombrie 2010, Bucuresti, Romania

Posted on Omnigrapies by Icostea on 2010/10/8 (166 reads by December 7, 2010)



Several articles appeared in Romanian printed publications, in Bucharest, Romania (in Cotidianul) and in three publications in the US: CLIPA, Meridianul Romanesc (does not keep and archive), and Gandacul de Colorado.



Expozitii  AcasăArte

Un Salon internaţional în centrul Bucureştiului

Publicat Miercuri, 13 octombrie 2010       Articol Scris de Victoria Anghelescu

Accesari: 999 (pana la 7 Decembrie 2010)


Editia: 962 - 13 Noiembrie, 2010 - Anul XX » Din Comunitate

Prezenta Californiei la Salonul International ARTIS 2010 din Bucuresti

Articol scris de Ileana Costea

In ziarul Meridianul Romanesc:


An XXXXVII vol. 14, nr. 687, 20 Noiembrie 2010

Dialog între arhitecţi şi artişti, şi între generaţia tânără şi maeştri consacraţi

Articol scris de Ileana Costea si publicat si pe Omnigraphies




Doua poluri geografice opuse unite prin cultura si

arta: Romania si California

Articolul scris de Ion Lazu

publicat on line pe Omnigraphies si pe blogul scriitorului Ion Lazu la:


Logo-ul blogului scriitorului Ion Lazu, Bucuresti, Romania

lidia lazu şi jerry mc daniel, o poveste despre poezie, muzică şi pictură



Marina Nicolaev 



Thank you very much,  Jerry!

Angel Medina 



Having been fortunately exposed to your fine art work for almost five decades, I’m still amazed at its depth, creativity, yet, always fresh.  Let your success continue to delight us all. 

angel medina

Jennie Hall 

Hi Jerry:

Very fascinating website.  Son in law Jim showed me your website.  Thank you very much and I love you.

Your Sister Jennie

Marius Ghetie 

Hi, Jerry:
I finally had time to sip my coffee relaxed and read the entire article on the Salon ARTIS 2010, Bucharest, Romania. I read the entire article this time, and not just looked at the pictures in it, as I did the first time when I opened the link. I liked the article, the art exhibited at the Salon, and your two works. Your paintings look excellent on the wall. The Eiffel Tower looks very "alive".
Marius Ghetie, QA Engineer, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Ion Lazu 


(Romana) Comentariul acesta este scris in doua limbi Romana si Engleza.
(English) This comment is posted in two languages, English and Romanian.


Între multele lucrări din recent deschisa expoziţie (titlul ei...) de la Căminul Artei, toate de bună calitate, pe cât de diferite ca stil, aparţinând unor reputaţi pictori din 6 ţări europene şi din România, cele ale dlui JMD  ies imediat în evidenţă, distingându-se printr-un mod de abordare cu totul special, care îl individualizează imediat între cei 43 de expozanţi. Sunt lucrări pline de fantezie şi de creativitate. Dau o senzaţie sărbătorească a spiritului, care a scrutat cu pătrundere lumea şi a reţinut esenţialul, ceea ce este definitoriu acestei lumi şi menit să dureze.. Este mai întâi o pictură acroşantă, care captează atenţia privitorului şi o însoţeşte în lumea sensurilor ei ascunse. Te apropii şi eşti uimit de mulţimea detaliilor, surprinzătoare, te îndepărtezi şi sιmţi că deja vezi lucrurile altfel, într-un mod neaşteptat, în felul cum artistul însuşi înţelege lucrurile. Demersul său artistic te-a convins, te-a câştigat. E ceva care te solicită la modul imperativ şi căruia nu-i poţi rezista. Turnul Eiffel pretutindeni este o astfel de lucrare care te transferă într-o lume fantastică, sărbătorească. Această abordare este marca unei personalităţi puternice, pozitive, care transmite o senzaţie tonică, persistentă. Este, ştim asta, privilegiul artistului adevărat, Inconfundabil - o prezenţă şi o prestaţie care nu pot fi nicicum mimate, deşi mulţi se străduiesc să o facă. Şi mai este de spus un lucru despre pictura dlui JMD: După ce închizi ochii, după ce părăseşti expoziţia, după ce au trecut ore şi zile, luminile care îţi semnalizau din tablourile sale nu dispar, cum se întâmplă, ci ele persistă sub pleoape, îţi rămân prietenoase în suflet, Îţi induc un tonus vital necesar, benefic. 

          ION LAZU, (Ro), romancier, poet, eseist, artist fotograf.


On October 2, 2010 I attended the opening reception of the SalonARTIS2010 at the Gallery “Caminul Artei, Bucharest, Romania. 43 artists, many from Romania, as well as 6 from other European countries, and 2 from the United States exhibited their art. All were works of high quality. Jerry W. McDaniel’s nightscapes stood out immediately. They give a sense of joy of the spirit, of festivity, a spirit which has deeply penetrated the real world and retained the essence, capturing and expressing what is most important in reality and meant to last. His art is catching you, cathing the attention of the person who looks at it and takes the viewer to its world of hidden meaning. When you approach his paintings you are amazed by the profusion of details. When you step back you instantaneously feel that you get a different picture, and in an unexpected manner you get to see them in the way in which the artist understands things. His artistic process has convinced you, has won you. (your appreciation) There is in his works something that solicits the viewer in a very imperative (powerful, authoritative) way and to which you can not resist. The “Eiffel Tower Everywhere” is such a piece of work which takes you to a fantastic world, a world of celebration. This way of painting is the signature of a powerful personality, a positive nature, which transmits to you a tonic persistent sensation. Is, we know that, the privilege of the real master, which can not be replaced, a presence and an execution which can not be in any way mimicked, although many might try to do it. And one other thing that one needs to say about the paintings of Mr. JWcM: After you have seen his works, after you close your eyes, and walk away from the exhibition, after hours and days pass away from the moment you looked at them, the lights which were signaling to you from his paintings, do not disappear, as it happens with others, but they persist under your eyelids, they are staying in your soul. They are bringing you the that very wonderful and necessary vital energy and state of mind/spirit.
        Ion Lazu
        (fiction writer, essayist, and artistic photographer, Bucharest, Romania)


Lidia admirand tablourile lui Jerry, SalonARTIS2010

Doina Tetcu 


 Doina Tetcu's small portrait

(Romanian) Acest comentariu este atat in Romana cat si in Engleza
(English) This comment is posted both in Romanian and in English

Picturile lui Jerry W. McDaniel la SalonARTIS2010

Caminul Artei, Bucuresti, Romania
Vernisaj 2 Octombrie 2010, orele 18 :00
Am fost la vernisaj. A fost fantastic de frumos. Trebuie sa mai merg o data caci atunci cand e lume multa nu pot privi ca lumea, nu pot profita.

Lucrarile lui Jerry au fost bine pozitionate, se vedeau de departe si au avut in dreapata o companie buna. O pictura dubla a lui Dan Bota, pictor contemporan cunoscut aici.

Mi-au placut lucrarile lui Jerry, le cunosteam, le vazusem cu webcam intr-o zi pe Skype.

Ma asteptam insa sa fie mult mai mari, poate una cat sunt amandoua la un loc sau chiar mai mari. Asa mi le-am incchipuit eu poate comparand cu ceea ce mai vazusem din picturile lui. Dar asa cum erau si-au gasit bine locul in expozitia pictorilor (unii si arhitecti). Culorile sunt remarcabile, dar mai inchise decat mi le inchipuiam eu (privite de aproape).

Dar privite de la distanta (de vreo 5 metri) mi s-au parut stralucitoare, nu stiu daca asta este cuvantul exact, vreau sa spun ca erau foarte vizibile si te atrageau. Cred ca asa trebuie privite: de departe, apoi de aproape pentru a descifra subiectul si a distinge detaliul conceput inteligent, apoi din nou de departe pentru a prinde senzatia.

Doina Tetcu, Fizician, Bucuresti, Romania

English Translation


Jerry W. McDaniel’s paintings at SalonARTIS2010

Center for Visual Arts "Galeria Artelor," Bucharest, Romania

Opening Reception October 2, 2010, 6:00PM


I went to the opening. It was fantastic. I must go back. When there are many people I can not look carefully at the art, and I can not really enjoy.


Jerry’s art pieces were very well located, they could be seen from far away and to the right the curator placed a painting offering a good comparison companion. It was a two-piece painting by Dan Bota, a well known Romanian contemporary painter.


I liked Jerry W. McDaniel’s paintings. I knew them because I saw them via webcam on Skype one day.


Somehow I imagined them been larger, perhaps twice as big, or even bigger. Maybe that is how I imagined them comparing them with his other work. But how they were they had a very good place in the exhibition, they fit the show well in the exhibition of painters and some painters-architects. Jerry’s colors are striking, but darker than I imagined them, at least when looked at from close by.


Looked from a distance (say from about 8 yards) I found them really shining, I am not sure this is the right word. I want to say that they were very visible and they were attracting everyone’s attention. I think that this is the way in which one has to look at Jerry’s work, from some distance, then go very close so that one can see the subject depicted and the intelligent way of capturing details, then go again to a distance to look at them again to capture the feeling they have to impart.


I met Marina Nicolaev, the curator, a courteous and pleasant presence. She invited me to return to the gallery in a few days so that we can talk some more about the event and Jerry’s paintings.

Doina Tetcu, Physicist, Bucharest, Romania

Jerry's Paintings at SalonArtis2010 and Marina Nicolaev    

Ileana Costea 


Irina Rosetti's email comment

This comment brought to the Guestbook from an email message by Ileana Costea, Jerry's website webmaster, with some additional notes.


Original comment in Romanian:


Tabloul "Lantzul muntos NUNUS" ne place la extrem il gasim absolut special atat de expresiv ca idee si viziune  talent indragostit si cunoscator al subiectului!


Irina Rosetti, Arhitect

14 Octombrie 2007 (email)



English translation of comment:


We all (Irina, Lutfi,- husband, architect and painter Kemal- son, young successful arhitect in Paris) like the painting “Nunus’s Range” very much and we find it extremly special, very expressive both as idea and vision. The artist in love, and very familiar with the subject!


Irina Rosetti, Architect, Paris France

14 Octombrie 2007 (email)


Notes by webmaster:


The paiting Irina is referring to is Nunus's Range (2007) which appears in this site.

Nunus's Range 2007



Irina Rosetti is a well known Romanian arhitect who worked many years for the Ministery of Transportation of Romania. She designed several industrial buildings, among which the expressive modern railwaystations in Predeal  and Tulcea. Everyone in Romania knows these buildings.


 Gara Predeal- Predeal Railwaystation Arhitecti Ilie Radulescu si Irina Rosetti   Gara Tulcea - Railwaystation Tulcea Arhitect Irina Rosetti
   Predeal Railwaystation, Romania, 1969                Tulcea Railwaystation, Photo Samuel Hope
      Arhitects Ilie Radulescu and Irina Rosetti                       Architect Irina Rosetii).

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