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Ileana Costea 


Yves Fontaine's Comment to Obama's Blackberry on Jerry's Blog brought to the Guestbook by the webmaster.

                      Copyright JWMcD '2009Comment to Obama's Blackberry on Jerry's Blog

Ileana Costea 


Yves Fontaine's Comment for Wallstreet Bonuses on Jerry's Blog, brought to the Guestbook by this site's webmaster:

        Copyright JWMcD '2009
Comment on Wall Street Bonuse

Ileana Costea 


Former FIT Student email moved to Jerry's Guestbook by the site's webmaster:


Hi Jerry,


I thought you might enjoy knowing that you're the teacher mentioned in this article.


I was in your Advertising design class in 1976/77.


Glad to see your site online.


Hope this email finds you well.


All my best,




Quote from the article:

“A teacher of mine at Fashion Institute of Technology used to say that you never really knew the city until you lived in Manhattan,” explained Ms. Brosterman, who had grown up in Marine Park, a Brooklyn neighborhood where the subway signs to Manhattan said simply, “To the city.” “All I ever wanted was to be part of it.”

Sent via email on Monday, July 26, 2010; Subject: former student

Posted by Ileana Costea this website’s webmaster

Ileana Costea 


Marina Nicolaev's email sent on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Posted and additional comments by Ileana Costea, this website’s webmaster


Dear Jerry:


Thank you very much for the Invitation and Catalog cover design that you created for the Salon ARTIS 2010 that I am organizing in Bucharest, Romania, in October 2010. It is really wonderful!

I like so much the colors! It's something special and I am so honored to have art work by you in my exhibition in Bucharest! Your works are so beautiful! I love your way of painting and the sensuality of the colors! All is very, very harmonic!

I'm very much impressed and I'm so happy to be one of yours friends. Thank you again and again!


Sincerely yours,



Marina Nicolaev

Architect, Artist, & Creator of the online cultural website Omnigraphies 


                  Copyright JWMcD '2010




The paintings Jerry will present in Bucharest at the SalonARTIS2010 are: Eiffel Tower Everywhere #2 (Copyright JWMc'2009) and Amsterdam from a Window (Copyright JWMc'2009)


Eiffel Tower Everywhere #2


Amsterdam from the Window

Jean-Jacques Dege 

Hello Jerry,

We met last week at the wine Testing in Beverly Hills and told you I would visit your website. I did, really impressed by your work, I'd love to keep in touch time to time. Best of luck with all your projects.


Notes by webmaster:


The Wine Tasting event mentioned in the comment is the Evening organized by the Affiliates of the New West Symphony Celebrating the 2010-2011 Season. The event took place in silent movie star Lilian Gish’s home in Beverly Hills on September 9, 2010. It featured New West Symphony Violinist Limor Toren.


The wines were offered by the Malibu Family Vinyards


Lucia Olaru Nenati 


Din pacate, cunosc arta pictorului Jerry W.Mc Daniel doar de pe internet dar si acest contact e o provocare si o invitatie insistenta de a o cunoaste "pe viu" de aproape si de a cunoaste si omul care-si risipeste astfel sufletul daruindu-l oamenilor. E o risipa de culoare, de talent, de imaginatie, de energie, de fumusete, de modernitate si originalitate  si, mai ales, dincolo de toate, de tinerete. O tinerete care se incapataneaza sa nu tina pasul cu virsta reala a maestrului ci se instaleaza tiranica in arta lui si-l cheama dupa ea mereu .Astfel ca acest maestru nu poate fi incadrat intr-o generatie, intr-o epoca   masurabia in ani ci ramine contemporan mereu cu fiecare val de tineri creatori care vine din urma. Sper sa-i pot cindva vizita expozitiile pe viu si sa-mi pot exprima atunci impresiile dobandite.
Mult succes,
Lucia Olaru Nenati 

Translation in English and comments by Ileana Costea, webmaster of Jerry’s website


Unfortunately, I know the art of the painter Jerry W. McDaniel only from the Internet. However, even this contact is to me a provocation and an insistent invitation to get to know his art “live” and from close, and to meet the man who opens his soul offering it to people. His art is a profusion of color, and talent, of imagination, of energy, of beauty and modern spirit, and originality, and especially, beyond everything, of youth. A young age that obstinates itself to not keep the pace with the biological age of the master abut that installs itself with tirany in his art and constantly calls him to keep the pace with “her”. This way this master can not be placed in the frame of any generation, of any epoch measured in years. This master always remains contemporary with all new waves of young creators who follow him from behind. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to see his exhibition on site so as to express the impressions his art will I inspire me then.


Much success,


Lucia Olaru Nenati

Poet, novelist, essaist, children literature author, literary critic, journalist, former museographer of the Eminescu Museum in Ipotesti, Romania, theater director, educator, author of numerous books, music albums, articles, and cultural events.


A biography can be found at:

A Youtube showing Lucia singing “Din Dor de Eminescu”:

A search on Goodle on her name will tell you more …


Living in the south of France, I am a little far to attend your exhibits and I regret not to be able to see your work more often. But, you are more than welcome here in the Far West of France.
Thank you for the words your paintings say to me.
Brigitte (Nîmes)
President and CEO of three companies in Nimes, France
Brigitte's paintings: Amsterdam from the Window & Brigitte's California House in Nimes (Copyright JWMcD'2009)

Brigitte's California House in Nimes, France

Marina Nicolaev 


Dear Jerry,

I like very much your paintings!
I wish you good luck!

Sincerely yours,



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